Lost in a Lighthouse: Wednesday Wanderings

IMG_0909While I was exploring a lighthouse off the coast of Road Island, I ran into a part of the house that I was sure was not actually on the tour.  I realize now the irony of getting lost in a light house.  It is literally a building specifically designed to prevent disorientation.  I am not really sure how I got lost or if it was indeed an accident or actually a purposeful folly.  I do have a keen ability to be entirely captivated by a marvelous detail that I am oblivious to things going on (or in this case moving on) around me.  However, I also have a prideful side that sometimes provides me a false confidence in my abilities to navigate areas I have never visited before.  It would not have been unlike me to assume that I would be able to catch up with the tour later.  This character flaw combined with a  subconscious  desire to fulfill my more curious sensibilities sometimes gets me into some glorious messes.  And truth be told, I wouldn’t change that for the world.  I love getting lost.  If I hadn’t gotten lost I wouldn’t have stumbled upon the lighthouse storage room.  This hodgepodge collection of trinkets from the Lighthouse’s past provided me a clearer picture of its story than any tour could have done.  I enjoyed walking through the “attic” imagining the people who used these items, how these random items came to reside in this lighthouse and how long they had been there.  It was truly magical and enchanting.  I eventually found my way back to the tour and my secret detour was never discovered.  🙂

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