Lake District and Yorkshire

Lake District25
England’s lake district is an area of dramatic beauty with 16 lakes and the highest peaks in England.  If you find yourself in the lake district you should really take a tour of Rydal Mount, the house the great poet Wordsworth lived from 1813 till his death.  More impressive than Wordsworth’s enchanting wisteria-covered cottage are the grounds surrounding it.  You can hike them and see a fantastic view of Lake Windermere.
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Haworth and York
Haworth, is a typical Yorkshire hill village with narrow cobble stone streets, old thatched roof houses and tea shops that made me think I had stepped into some Dickens novel.  Actually, it was more like a Bronte novel seeing how within this tiny village resides the childhood home of the Bronte sisters.  While in town, after a stop for some English tea and buying some English wool scarfs, I visited the parsonage where the sisters lived and wrote.  It was so strange to think that in these tiny rooms so many unfo35rgettable characters were born! It was here that Charlotte created the beloved and brave Jane Eyre and fierce Mr. Rodchester, Emily fabricated the wild and untamable Heathcliff, and Anne created Agnes Grey.  What a talent family!  Seeing their house and hearing about some of the hardships they faced, (so much tragedy) made it easy to see where they got the bone chilling passion for their stories.  While I visited Haworth, I got the chance to take a Hike on the Moors surrounding the village.  While I stood on the almost eerily windy Moors it was easy to see inspiration that ignited the production of such beautiful yet ghostly stories as Jane Eyre and Weathering Heights.

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